Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Iceland 2020 tour - POSTPONED

Bad news for our planned "Around Iceland" trip came today -
Due to COVID-19 restrictions on crossing the Danish (OZ) border for foreigners, there's no chance we can get our tickets usable.

We have no guarantee at all, that we will be allowed to get on a Ferry, as for now only Danish citizens, their relatives and foreign workers with appropriate documents can cross the OZ border.
Unfortunately for us, Danish government did not mention anything about chances to entry Denmark for persons who have bought Ferry tickets to sail from their territory.
Hard decision has to be made to ~ POSTPONE ~ our Iceland Trip until next Year 2021.

All Paypal transfers will be soon returned to the donors, or secured on demand for next Year.
Please contact me at sp7vc(at)wp.pl if there's any PP address change.

Hope to see You in 2020! 73 & Stay safe everyone !