Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Few words of history..

Some of You guys, 50 and 70MHz operators rememeber (hopefully) our 2013 "Scandinavian Tour" expedition.
Do You?

In 30 days of this amazing Scandinavia trip I was active from 22 different squares, both 50 and 70MHz, including 12 IOTA islands in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Of course it wasn't my last and only trip. Another one probably known by 6&4m grid chasers was "Balkan Tour". So until now my grids square count activated by me is 84as below.

This Year we have to celebrate few special occassions with another great radio trip - first and most important is my 10th Anniversary being a couple with my beloved Kate SQ7OYL, my irrepleaceable driver, logistician, and motivator. The second -this will be my 100th DXCC country visited during my trips.

During "Scandinavian Trip" were traveling with our "Skoda" car, packed to the last piece of free space :-)  - including roof :-)

 This time we decided to use Camper with lot of room to operate.

This will allow to take about 300kg of various equipment, including few radios, bigger PA's, power generators and different antennas for HF, 2/4 and 6 meters EME activity.

Follow next posts to know "where we going NOW"...  prepare your RIG and antennas... :-)

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