Thursday, February 6, 2020

TF/SP7VC 6m EME from IP35FG

Planned 6m EME will start on first days Iceland trip before moving mainland TF.
First 5-6 days with full moonpasses with good takeoff on Moonrise over North Sea from IP35FG square, close to Dalatangi Lighthouse on the TF coast.
map source
Degradation looking good, and if nothing unforeseen happens - almost all directions are clear, below is a wiev to MR direction.  
 map source
Only obstruction will be rising hill, covering last few degrees on Moonset, but it will be already after West Coast moonrise.
Equipment used : IC-7300, 1/2" coax cable, QRO PA, 8ele Yagi YU7EF with H/V control and WSJT 10. 
More info closer to departure time.


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