Sunday, February 2, 2020


Our next DXpedition trip with Kate SQ7OYL got codename AROUND ICELAND 2020, and will take place between July 21.2020 and August 15.2020 to commemorate some special events in my ham radio history :

10th anniversary being a couple with Kate SQ7OYL
100th DXCC visited with radio, 
100th gride square activated on VHF bands 50MHz to 241GHz, yes, GHz :-)

Below is a map of grid locators I will try to activate on 6m,4m and 2m during this trip.

Please read earlier post regarding the history of my VHF activity & experience.
Activity will be mostly Meteorscatter on 70MHz and 144MHz, but 6m will be for the first time activated EME (Moonbounce) - the locator will be choosen to get proper ground gain on moonrise and moonset over the North Sea. Exact location will be proposed later with Moonrise and Moonset times. 

As You probably know, Iceland is not a cheapest country to make dxpeditions. 
This trip will last about 3 full weeks of activity, so if You feel You can help us achieve this goal and make all of this happen, please consider donate few Euros or $ for fuel or camping accomodation fees. 
You can do it simply clicking on link or upper right paypal button.     

For all donors QSL will be send direct after the expedition, additionally all donors above 30Euro/$ will get special TF dxpedition ceramic coffee mug to have good memories of our QSO... 

Nice, isn't it? 

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